Saturday, February 25, 2012

iPhone Pics

I didn't get my camera out a whole lot while we were in Ethiopia. In fact, I still haven't gotten it out since being home. Maybe it's because we know that she's ours to keep and we don't have to depend on photos to see her.

Meeting again. Showing us how she can pull up and talk to Kate. Sleeping after a traumatic reunion.

Good morning, Snuggle Bug.

First car ride (sort of) on the way to the U.S. embassy.
First restaurant - she slept through the whole thing.

A beautiful garden in Addis Ababa. First high chair at a Chinese restaurant on Valentine's. Sleeping on the way home from dinner.

Zebene and his wife who own Grace Guest House.
All of her friends and nannies saying goodbye.

The bassinet on the plane.
This lasted all of one hour the entire 20 hour trip.

Tickets please.
First plane ride.
Playing on the airplane floor and ready to meet her brothers and sister.


  1. She is amazing. Simply amazing. I so cannot wait to meet her.

  2. Planes have bassinets???

    1. Yes! Most families made great use of them. Our little gal would rather sleep away in mommy's arms.

  3. Saw your family pics on Lissa's blog. They are beautiful! She captured your family perfectly. You guys look so complete now!