Friday, February 24, 2012


Before getting Hadassah, we had an overnight layover in Dubai. We had lots of choices of different cities for a layover, but how may people get to say that they've been to Dubai?

Honestly, I had seen the city on Amazing Race and knew that I just had to go. Jay was nice and came along. Actually, he had a blast and wants to go back.

Bumped up to business class.
The worlds tallest building.
(It was amazing. The building and sitting in business class.)

Ski Dubai. Dubai has an indoor ski slope in a mall. So cool. This is the only photo of me smiling on the slope. I'm embarrassed to admit that I fell as soon as I started skiing down and cried the rest of the time. The ski patrol told me I had to go to ski school. If you know me and my stories well, ski school is not for this girl. In fact, I am finished with skiing - forever. Jay has a great video if you are interested in a good laugh.

We stayed out until the sun started to set and saw so much while we were there in such a short time. What an amazing city!


  1. Glad you picked Dubai for your layover. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is so cool! My brother went to Dubai when he was in the Navy. He loved it there. He played golf on what he said was one of the best courses in the world, and he's played a lot of golf. I love skiing!!!! I guess our families won't be doing a ski trip together??

    1. No! Well, I could hang out in the lodge and drink hot chocolate. Actually, I'll just stay at the cabin or find some really good shopping. So sure, we can go skiing together. :)