Friday, February 24, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

I am going to backtrack in my blogging.
A family in our church gave us a gift card for Christmas to go and stay The Great Wolf Lodge. It was the perfect gift because we really needed a distraction and break from all of the adoption ups and downs. We wanted to make sure and use the card before we brought Hadassah home because we figured it would be a whole lot harder to spend a couple of days at a pool with 4 kids. I'm glad we jumped on it when we did or else we would have had to wait for a LONG time to go because Hadassah came home less than two weeks later.

The kids had a blast and so did Jay and I. The room we stayed in had a little cabin built in the wall with a bunk bed and a twin sized bed. Perfect. The kids all played fruit basket turn over and swapped beds from what they are used to sleeping in.

And the was so fun. We had fun pools in Florida, so we are good judges of fun. :) The kids swam non-stop and we made memories that we'll always talk about.

Ready to go swim.
(sitting on one of the kids' beds in the cabin)

Wolves at dinner.

Watching the water fall one last time.