Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hadassah Melat

Life has been a whirlwind. And the most amazing thing happened in the middle of the storm. We brought a precious baby girl home to our family from the beautiful country of Ethiopia.

Below are some photographs of our last moments (for now) in Hadassah Melat's country. But most importantly are the images of the ones who have loved her for the first year of her life.

Sarah rocking Melat to sleep for the last time.

Our busy girl visiting some kids with us at the transition house.

The orthodox cathedral in Addis Ababa.

Hadassah Melat receiving a blessing from an Ethiopian orthodox priest.

Oh those eyes.

Sleepy girl adjusting to new people.

The staff at Grace Guest House who have loved on Melat for the past several months. These faces are so, so dear to us.

Hadassah Melat's nannies.
The picture with Sarah makes me cry. The love in her eyes is very evident.
And we found out that Aster's name in English is Esther. This whole time Hadassah (Esther's Hebrew name) has been with her twinkie.

All the gals.
Our sweet Kate is on the far right end and we are anxious to see her again. Hadassah saw this photo and went nuts trying to get to her B.F.F.

Oh the love in my heart for each of these brown-eyed people. It's huge.


  1. Amy, I'm amazed at how by just looking at your pictures I can just tell that she was created to be in your family!! God is going to honour your love for her land and her caregivers somehow He will. I love your heart!!

    1. They are precious. I love THEIR hearts!!

  2. Oh Amy, Hadassah will love these pictures one day!!

  3. Beautiful. You are blessed!

  4. Sarah will always be in my prayers. May God fill her heart and her arms. And I'm so thankful for Hadassah Melat Wright! I'm grateful for all of the people who have loved her. God gave our princess from Ethiopia favor, a "Hegai" to care for her so carefully, and her own special quarters. How blessed. And I'm so proud of you and how you were so concerned for the needs of those precious nannnies.

  5. Amy, my heart is full for your family. I can not think of you new words for you, just the same ones as before. Thank you for allowing us to follow your journey. We pray for great blessings for all of you!

  6. Love those pictures. They tell so much, and will always mean so much to that sweet girl. I agree with Marcy, you can just SEE how much she fits right in with you all.

  7. Sorry, that was Tamra, not Kailee ;)

  8. tears my friend. These photos are priceless! What a journey we have been on to find these girls! So glad you all are together now. It's like she's been with you all her whole life - she seems to fit so well! Love that

  9. She looks so wonderful and happy! We are thrilled with you guys and can't wait to meet Miss Hadassah.

  10. I love her! I am rejoicing with you that SHE IS HOME!! We can't wait to meet our sweet new niece!

  11. I'm crying. I'm so thankful Hadassah was loved before coming to her forever home.