Friday, February 15, 2013

Sunny Days

 Ever since the boys have found their best friend down the street, our house is pretty quiet from about 4:00-5:30.  Hadassah is usually still fast asleep with her 3-4 hour nap (I know) and it's my time with Olivia.  Olivia used to play by herself and was very content with her imaginary friend, Sarah.  But then she discovered friends in the neighborhood and always wants someone to play with.  Lately, I have been that someone.  

We grab our outside quilt and pile it up with books (cookbooks yesterday) or My Little Ponies.

We hang out and act weird together.

 This picture reminds me more of me than any other picture I have of Olivia.

 Yesterday we drew with our feet and O learned how to skip.

Then this chick wakes up and we spend even more time outside.

 When we ask her to do something (like smile for the camera) she says "NO!!!!"

They are forming the sweetest relationship.
I always wanted a sister, so it's fun to watch them live out my dream.

 I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm a mom of girls.
They sure do make life simple and sweet.


  1. I must concur that the photo of Olivia on her bike reminds me of you at that age. CUTIES!!