Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Always in Pairs

Our kids usually pair off two by two.  The boys are almost always together.  If not, one of them is most likely with Hadassah.  The pair least likely to be matched is Isaac and Olivia.  Not sure why, it just seldom happens.  Josiah and Olivia were playmates at one time while we lived in Florida and Isaac was in school.  They still love to hang out together.  But mostly, it's boys with boys and girls with girls.

 She has these boys wrapped around her little finger.

 They were explaining to me that they want to be cowboys when they grow up.

 Annual muscle shot.

 They are tight.

Olivia brought these little wooden toys downstairs and didn't even 
blink when Hadassah started stealing them.

Dassie threw them on the ground and Olivia picked up the ones she wanted.
Match made in heaven. :)


  1. Amy, I loved catching up on your beautiful family. Amazing how much they've grown. And Miss Hadassah is too cute for words :) Tammy Hubbart

  2. I love all of the pictures. But that first one captures my heart! I could "hear" the boys telling their story, too! I love how accommodating Miss O is!!

  3. They are all growing so much!!!! I love keeping up with your family on here...makes me feel like we still live close to each other! :)

  4. They are SO beautiful and getting SO big. Oh how I miss your family.