Thursday, January 31, 2013

7 Months of Catch Up

Below are 54 pictures which prove we are still alive.
I can't say enough how much I love my family, our little universe.

 Free Little Library with neighborhood friends.
(It's still going strong!)
 Last picture of Hadassah with a bottle. :(
 They always beg me to send their photo to the Lego magazine. 
Maybe I finally will.
 Such a treat to have Uncle Matt at our house.
I love this picture because it shows how much Matt just enjoys being an uncle.
 Memorizing scripture on how to love one another.
 Jay has some app on his phone that makes it look like things are exploding.
They wanted to be the things exploding.
 She turned 5.
It's always the hardest birthday for me.
 She discovered the phone.
 Always, always, always good for a laugh.
 She started doing this every time she woke up.
She still does it.
 They became friends.
 Birthday Party!!!
(2nd of the 3 parties.)
 I can't even explain how much joy she brings to our house.
 Papa and Nana were there!!!
 First day of school.
(I look like a very serious teacher, but my guess is that Isaac was telling the lesson better than me.)
 First Day photos.
 The uniforms lasted all of 3 weeks.
 We got another trampoline!
 First day of ballet.  She was SO excited!
 They didn't want to get wet while doing dishes.
 Costume Day at school.
First Fall with our Hadassah.
Dressed up for the Arboretum.
 The kids got the camera.

 We met a group of people from Kenya on a retreat and they LOVED Hadassah.
Her favorite place to be.
 They had a campfire every day for a week.
 Cooking with a homemade slingshot in his back pocket.
 Her crooked cry.
 2 to 3 bananas a day.
 They seriously love each other.
 First fire of the year.
 Cuddling by the fire.
(With laundry behind us, of course.)
 He wants to make it in the Guinness Book of World Records.
 Our sweet dancer.
 Two top teeth.
 When did he get so big?!
 She always wants to stir.
 Of course...
 Buff and Gee stopped by.
 They made snowflakes for the first time and couldn't get over how cool they were.
 People ask what Hadassah does while the older kids do school work.
 Candle lighting service.
 My favorite 3 in the pageant.
Wise man, angel, and Joseph.
 Sweetest pageant ever.
 Merry Christmas!
 We love to make her pray.
She makes a really funny face.
 He wanted me to take a picture of him going FAST!
 Olivia wanted pig tails like Hadassah.
I took him out in public with all of these tattoos.


  1. I'm going to need a picture of each of you holding up a sign with todays date and time on it to make for sure you guys were still alive when this was posted.

  2. Hi there! This is a miracle. My favorite is the one of Liv with the peacock hair.

  3. GREAT pictures!! You have a fun bunch of kids!!

  4. I love this post! You do such a great job documenting your life. I can't believe everyone is that old!!

  5. Oh I have missed you on here! (Not that I'm doing any better on my blog either). How on earth did you get 54 pictures to upload in one post? That is impressive. Ryan always begs me to send his picture into the Lego magazine too. Maybe we should let the boys be Lego pen-pals. Miss you!!!!!