Sunday, September 2, 2012

On The Way Home From Church

These days, this is a typical conversation between my kids:

Olivia:  Mom!  Josiah is rolling my eyes at me! ( eyes at me)
Josiah:  No I'm not.  You don't even know how to roll eyes.
Olivia:  Yes I do.  Like this. (It's pretty funny to watch her try.)
Josiah:  Nope.  You didn't do it.  It's like this. (Perfected.)
Olivia:  I did, too.  Isaac, am I rolling my eyes the right way?
Isaac:  Yep.  That's pretty good, Olivia. (Definitely choosing sides here.)
Olivia: And, Josiah, you can't say "Lalala" to me.  That's not nice.
Josiah:  Lalala
Olivia:  (in tears) Josiah!  Stop!  You are making my feelings hurt.

Olivia:  (playing with a gift bag given to her by a lady at church) Oh, I know!  This can be my purse!
Josiah: (listening to his iPod) Olivia, be quiet!  I'm trying to hear!!
Isaac: (still choosing sides) Josiah, she is allowed to talk whenever she wants.
Olivia: I was just talking to myself.  


  1. That cracks me up! Dax can give Olivia lessons, he has rolling his eyes down!

  2. ROFL!!! I bet she gets the eye-rolling thing down.

  3. Hi Amy, thanks for your sweet comment on our blog!! We would love to get together with y'all--my e-mail address is :)