Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letter To Hadassah

~ My Sweet Hadassah~

I have never met you. You have never met me. But oh my goodness, my love for you is so very deep. From the time that I opened the first photo of you, I was afraid to hope that you were our Hadassah. In fact, I called you Malat for the longest time because I couldn't trust my heart to open to you, only to lose you.

Here I am, two days before we board a plane to come see you, and I'm finally able to write you a letter, calling you my daughter. Tonight when I let it sink in that my dream to adopt was about to come true, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I've prayed for you, thought about you, and wondered about you for longer than I can remember. And now we are about to meet.

What on earth will we do when we see each other for the first time? I am pretty positive that Daddy and I will be laughing through our tears. I believe that you will wonder who the crazy people are who you are being handed over to. One thing is certain, you are already loved immensely by your family. And from experience of loving Isaac, Josiah, and Olivia, that huge love will only continue to grow, sweet girl.

I can't wait to experience everything about you and call you by your name.



  1. So, so excited for you two, knowing that this will be more than you ever thought or imagined. Praying for you this week!

  2. Oh My Stars, my heart could just burst for you all! Is this how our Lord must feel just before a little one is adopted into His family? Amy, your words are precious. Thank you for allowing us to follow your story. It brings back so many sweet memories. Love you all and are praying for a safe journey.

  3. Oh Amy, this is such a sweet letter. It brought tears to my eyes. We will continue our thoughts and prayers for the Wrights. Enjoy every moment on your trip. Please give Hadassah a hug and kiss from Papa and Nana.

  4. We're waiting in Borger to see and hear about that first meeting! Actually...we can't wait!

  5. Beautiful and cannot wait to hear all about your meeting of your precious little girl.