Friday, December 16, 2011

Waiting and Home With 3

I have pictures just waiting to be shared. But, unfortunately, we most likely won't hear anything until Monday about our case, and the information we receive may not even reveal to us that we have passed court yet. So we are in the next waiting room. Jay and I realized, as we traveled from Dallas to Philadelphia to Paris to Addis Ababa, that waiting in lines is not fun. And waiting for approval on our case is even worse.

On another note - we are home! And we have 3 kids who had a blast while we were away. I think that having us back is kind of a let down. :) Mom and Dad said that they all went non-stop while we were away and all loved every minute. That's good news to hear since we'll be doing this all over again for our embassy trip.

Isaac's favorite thing while at Buff and Gee's - Buff kissing their cheeks. Jump-n-Jive.

Josiah's favorite thing while at Buff and Gee's - Jump-n-Jive and Rosa's Cafe.

Olivia's favorite thing while at Buff and Gee's - playing Little House on the Prairie

Thanks, Mom and Dad!! And Happy Birthday to you, Mom!!!


  1. Praying this line waiting is shortened by leaps and bounds. Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  2. Ryan and Addilyn's favorite thing: seeing cousins at Jump-n-Jive.

  3. (HUGS) to you both. I can't imagine how hard it was to leave and then not know when you get to bring your precious baby home. We're still praying.