Sunday, November 27, 2011

Anne and Hadassah

Our sweet friend, Anne, is in Ethiopia right now with her work. Because she is so awesome and fun, she stopped by to see our baby girl. What a treat to open up an email and see someone we know holding and loving on Hadassah.
Here is Anne's email to us:

She just couldn't be more precious, guys.

Hadassah has the prettiest long eyelashes I've ever seen, gorgeous eyes, and her hair is so cute, short and soft. She is so even keeled and has just the perfect little amount of baby chubs. She would do this funny thing where she would start to get scared and breath really fast and then start whimpering a little, but was reassured so fast. She definitely recognizes faces and stared at me forever.

The guy who's at the transitional house said that shes really active and I'm convinced that she's a Wright. I told her about how great her big brothers and sister and I think she Olivia are meant to be.

Love y'all and praying for you!

Thank you, Anne, for being such a blessing to us. You'll always be in Hadassah's baby book. :)


  1. What a fabulous friend! Cute pics:). The more pics you receive..........the more precious she becomes!

  2. WOW! How great to get a personal connection like that. She is precious!

  3. Such a great friend!! How awesome!

  4. What a wonderful connection and friend! Sweet sweet baby.

  5. Love it!! Love her!!! I can't wait to see her sweet face!!!