Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Know, I Know

Maybe I've been blogging about school too much lately. But it's what most of our mornings consist of, so if you want to hear about us, this may be all you get. Grandmas care, right?

Yesterday we found another park in the middle of the SMU campus. This morning was perfect weather, so we took school outside to the park. I used to LOVE when our teacher told us to grab our books and head out to the front lawn. I have a feeling that our teacher enjoyed it as much as we did.

Yes, I made my kids pose like this. Olivia was too busy looking at a bug on my shirt to focus on the camera.
Please notice the red mark all over the right side of Josiah's face...

He's always doing stuff like this to keep me on the edge of my seat. The red mark came from a splat off of the monkey bars.

This is the best school I have ever attended!! And all on the SMU campus. Maybe it is kind of like sleeping on your books to learn...if we study on the campus my kids will wake up ready to conquer college when the time comes. :)


  1. Oh Amy, this post made me want to home school!! What a treasure! I am sure if my kids see this post, they will also beg to homeschool ;) You are a GREAT mom!

  2. Amy, you are a wonderful mom and teacher! Love all the pics! I am especially fond of the one you made the kids pose for.

  3. ABSOLUTELY---these grandmas LOVE the pics!! I'm so glad you're not like me. I never would have done either--homeschool or school outdoors. The boys seemed to even be concentrating better outdoors. I know Olivia loved it!

  4. great pictures! it is so hard some days to not grab my desk and pull it out on the sidewalk at work!!! do you all feel settled yet?

  5. I haven't even hauled all our stuff to the park yet!! Geez, you one-upped me! I know we say this to each other all the time, but DON'T YOU JUST LOVE HOMESCHOOLING?!?! I seriously cannot imagine doing anything else with Ryan and Addilyn. I'm not going to show them your post...then we'll HAVE to go to the park. ;)

  6. Tammy- We certainly do feel settled. Dallas is such a great fit for us...I never thought I'd say that!

    Lindsey- YES!! I love it!!!