Saturday, March 10, 2012

Please Excuse My French

This morning, Jay was reading a magazine that he purchased a subscription to because he finally deemed himself an adult -- The New Yorker.
P.S. He turns 32 tomorrow, March 11th.

Isaac sat next to him and Jay kind of covered the magazine because he didn't want Isaac to read one of the cartoon's that said something not so nice. Isaac didn't like it being covered, so he protested. Jay told him why he had covered it and the conversation was over. Josiah was listening in.

Moments later, Josiah sat down next to Jay and took a glance at the magazine and then asked if there were lots of bad words in the articles. "No, I just didn't like one of the cartoons and thought that I shouldn't let Isaac look at it. The magazine doesn't have bad words."

"Oh." says Josiah as he cuddles up to Jay and takes more of an interest in the words printed on the page.


Josiah says the word and I could see Jay immediately scanning the article he was reading, looking to see what his son just saw. Jay eyes the word, slams the magazine shut, and huffs out a frustrated breath.

I couldn't help it. I chuckled. I covered my mouth because I didn't want to draw attention to the word and let on to Josiah that he had just said something that's super wrong in our house.

Oh that magazine.

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Jay!


  1. Happy Day before our Birthday Jay! Gotta love the New Yorker. Sure to bring outthe best in you and your family. Sometimes being an adult is overrated. Stick to Highlights or Ranger Rick I say.

  2. Kind of takes the joy out of an adult subscription, doesn't it? I remember going through the same thing with a movie I rented to watch. Didn't seem so bad til the kids were watching with me....
    HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAY DAVID!!!!! I sure do love you!

  3. Oh! And HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACH!!!!! Hope it's BLESSED!

  4. ROFL! Happy Birthday Jay!

    This reminds me of a situation we encountered recently. We were watching a documentary on public schools w/ the kiddos. After it was over, they said they were glad to be homeschooled and then asked why we homeschooled them. We told them we had several reasons, one of them being that some kids say bad words, called curse words, that we don't want them exposed to. Addie says, "What's a curse word?" I reply, "Like you know how Momma sometimes says 'crap!' and then I have to tell you that I'm sorry because that's a bad word? Words like that are curse words." Addie says again, "Oh, like 'shut up' and 'stupid'? Those are bad words!" "Yes, sweetheart, like those." I'm so glad we haven't crossed the B-word, S-word, and F-word bridges yet!

    Way to play if off like it was nothing! Now he won't say it and think he's getting away with something!