Saturday, November 5, 2011


Not a lot has been going on lately, but a lot has been going on lately.
Here are just a few random photos from the past couple of weeks.

Wrestling with Daddy
(a favorite pastime)

Wrestling with each other
(usually ends in a fight or tears)

The kids set the table for breakfast
(plastic spoons and all - haha)

Taking after Mommy
(work ethic and fashion sense)

Josiah's drawing of Mrs. Sue (our agency director) holding Hadassah

Little men

Working hard
(I also worked hard after this!)

Playing 7-Up
(Jay says that we play it home school style. He got over it.)


  1. what exactly is homeschool style?

  2. Taren- I think he just thought we were doing it all wrong, but we only had 5 people playing so we had to improvise. I can't even remember the right way to play it, but the kids had a blast.

  3. Love all of these "randomness" pics :))

  4. Homeschool style?? Seriously? Pics like this are what make me want a good camera so badly. I wish I could just capture the "everyday-ness" of our family. LOVE YOU ALL!

  5. Did I just get a glimpse of my Christmas gift???