Monday, November 21, 2011

A Friend Who Sticks Closer Than A Brother

During our last year in Florida something amazing happened. We met a family who became family. The day that we had to tell them "goodbye" was rather gut-wrenching.
We were so thankful when they told us that they could make a stop for a few days at our house before going to spend Thanksgiving with their family.

Chipmunk cheek gals

Liv waiting for the trolley ~ her own bell in hand

Guys waiting for the trolley

I love these 3.

So I know that Rachel may hate this photo, I love it because of the story behind it.

He got a little grumpy.

Check out her mustache.

She was so excited about the trolley. We had to make an unexpected stop before arriving so she just didn't last. But as soon as we got off she woke up and said, "That was fun!" I love her.

These girls can play for hours.

We had such a great time. There were plenty of tired meltdowns from the kids, but they all get along so well with each other. And we adults laughed the hours away after the kids went to bed each night.

Thanks for taking time to come and see us! We love you guys!!

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