Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Fun Day 2011

Yesterday was Happy Fun Day 2011. We didn't really go all out this year, but we ate breakfast at Krispy Kreme, the kids got some new duds, went to Cici's Pizza, played Madden 11 together (Wii Fit for Olivia), and had dinner with some friends.

As much as Jay and I didn't really feel like getting into Happy Fun Day this year, the kids claimed that it was their favorite. Success.
You can read about some of our past Happy Fun Days here and here and here.


  1. Congrats on another successful Happy Fun Day !!!!! I'm shocked at how the kids' feet are growing especially Isaac's feet. I think that the feet pic should be taken every HFD ! :)

  2. Jean's thoughts were my thoughts---those feet are WAY TOO BIG! Glad it was a successful Happy Fun Day!! Love the hats--love those kids.

  3. Amy, i just read your post on Tamra's blog. i think it's hilarious how similar ya'lls kid's are! does it have anything to do with the order they came in? i don't know since we had two. but i was the third in my family and growing up i don't know if i was this meticulous or not? that's a ? i would like to know the answer to from my Mom and i would like to hear what your Mom has to say about this. btw, adorable pics :)