Thursday, September 29, 2011

A is for Apple, A is for Acorn

I finally felt comfortable enough with the way school was going for the boys that I could include Olivia.
Okay, maybe the truth is that Josiah and Isaac decided Olivia needed to start learning her letters...

She started with the letter A this week and she is an A queen.

The kids and I went to the park to gather some acorns. Then we ventured on over to Tom Thumb (aka: Tom's Isaac or aka: Tom Olivia) for some apples. Mix them together and you get a new toy!

Then today we took a new look at the way we get our snacks.
(Yes, Josiah is wearing the same shirt as yesterday. And, I just cleaned my floors yesterday so don't mind them, they never stay clean.)

What are we going to do?
Wait for it....

Apple bobbing.
I'm liking this pre-school business.


  1. I wondered if Livie was going to get included in school this year. Good job, guys!! I never could bob for apples very well.

  2. So I was the homeschooled student, and you are the homeschool mom. I'm wanting to homeschool Kamri, but Nick won't let me. Looks like your kids enjoy homeschooling.

  3. Yay for Liv! I think the apples and acorns together in the bowl would make a lovely fall-ish centerpiece. We don't have acorns here...just dead grass and heat. Happy Homeschooling!

  4. Again ~ you are super Mom. Clean floors and homeschooling?!?! Don't have a clue how you do it all!! Also, I saw the post on the side about your referral. Bitter sweet. Long eyelashes would just be perfect in your family :) Still praying.

  5. Taren- Ha! I love that Nick won't let you. Tell him that I promise I don't wear denim jumpers.

    Tamra- It's been a rough day. I was pretty attached to that first sweet baby. But the little girl who will be ours is beautiful. I can't wait to share her pictures. I keep saying that she's got some spunk in her eyes...she'll fit right in!

  6. Have fun Liv learning your letters! Looks like your brothers are going to have fun with you !!:):)