Monday, August 22, 2011

A Day On The Trolley

My mom came down a couple of weekends ago and watched the kids while Jay and I got away. We all had such a great time. The kids especially.
As soon as we got back home, we loaded up the car and went uptown to ride on the trolley.

They had just seen an episode of Mr. Rogers (yes, even Isaac liked it) and knew what a trolley was because of that famous little character.

This is how Olivia waited.

and this...

Isaac never wants to be too far away from his Gee. And my mom is so content wherever she is, smiling all of the time.

He lives and breathes climbing.

The driver gave each kid a chance to honk the horn. I love how happy it made Ike.

So sweet.

Isaac got behind the camera and got snap happy. We couldn't get it back from him and just kept posing until Jay finally had to yank it from his hands. haha


I absolutely love the way that Olivia always ends up with food on her head.

While Jay and I were away, we came across a soda shop and brought one home for each of the kids (and us...). Olivia gives the weekend a big THUMBS UP!


  1. I tell you what, you guys can find some fun!! We need to come to Dallas so you can show us all of these amazing places!

  2. It was a great afternoon. And Tamra, the trolley is air conditioned---awesome!

  3. We never rode the trolley when we lived in Dallas! My favorite pic is the one of Josiah looking out the window. So precious!