Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Reverend Dr. Jay D. Wright

Well, he did it! I'm so proud of JDW. Out of all of the students who started off with Jay in the master's program, he is the first to finish. He jumped right in there, even with 3 little kids, and never looked back. Not only did he get a masters and a doctorate, he had a baby, changed jobs, and was ordained all during the process. And the whole time he was in school, our kids would have never known it except that he was gone about 4 weeks during the year. He worked on school at night while they slept, went to work at church during the day, and played with the kids before they went to bed. He's a great daddy, a great hubby, a great student, and a great friend.
Is it okay for me to brag? I love you, Jaybo!!


  1. That's awesome!!! Congrats to Jay!!!

  2. We love you! Congratulations once again!! Thanks for the pics.

  3. I'm pretty proud of that guy, too. He sure made it look easy! How about another doctorate, Jay?