Friday, July 15, 2011


This is where you can find our kids most days after lunch, out on the balcony eating homemade popsicles. A neighbor friend gave these popsicle makers to our kids as a going away gift. They have enjoyed them to the fullest.

I did say right after lunch. They are such a big hit that there is no time to wipe peanut butter off one's face before partaking.


  1. hey amy, found your new blog!! glad you made it to texas and are settled in. say hi to the family from the henry's!

  2. What goes in to your popsicles?? I would love to make some for the kids. And I love that Liv is still able to wear the ladybug dress. That made me smile.

  3. YUM! :-)
    Glad to have found your blog too. Will enjoy hearing about your new adventures.
    Take care!

  4. Yummy!! Sounds good to me after lunch on a nice hot summer day:-)

  5. Nancy- It's so funny because right when I was about to tell the boys "hello" from you, Josiah mentioned that Sean is ambidextrous. Not sure if this is true, but funny nonetheless.

    Linds- Just organic juice. I keep telling the kids that I will really make them some popsicles, but I haven't made good on my promise just yet.

    Kim- Great to hear from you!!

  6. Great summer time memories!!!!!